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This is my 25th post! I want to use this post to thank all my well-wishers and blog visitors, who made sure to like, comment and share all my posts, in the blog, facebook and insta. Special mention to those who tried my recipes and shared the pictures with me. Not to forget the co bloggers, who gave me a warm welcome into this field, where I am a newbie. I want to celebrate this small milestone with a traditional sweet, Suzhiyam. 
Suzhiyam or suzhiyan is my most favourite sweet. Also known as thoppam, this is a staple traditional sweet during Diwali in many houses. This is a family recipe which I learnt from my co sister Viji. Though I have been making this sweet ever since I got married, I make it a point to call up Viji akka on Diwali eve to ask for the measurements. It has become something of a ritual now. Hopefully, I will be able to refer to this post hereafter. Our Diwali remains incomplete without this delicacy. Anything deep fried is already yummy, but this sweet filling make…

Chettinad Chutney

Last week my elder bro Nag and family visited us from the US. Akila, my sister in law, is a great cook and enjoys cooking for all of us. Whenever they visit, she takes over the kitchen from me and I only assist her. I make sure to update my recipe collection when she is here. This chettinad chutney is one among the recipes I learnt this time. Just fell in love with the color and taste of this chutney. She not only made this chutney, but also served it right into my hands along with crispy hot dosas.  That just made it tastier. 
 Onion and tomato are by themselves tasty, and tamarind just takes it one notch higher. The fried curry leaves add a touch of their own. This chutney goes well with idly and dosa. I prefer using gingelly oil for this dish, as it gives a very tasty flavor.  Enjoy your breakfast with this tangy chutney! 
Preparation time: 5 minutes| Cooking time: 20 minutes.
Course: side dish| Cuisine: South Indian. Ingredients: Onion-4 Tomato-3 Chillypowder-2 tsp Turmeric powder…

Peerkangai Paal Curry (Ridge gourd curry)

Peerkangai paal curry is a perfect side dish for chappati. It is creamy, thanks to the coconut milk. Usually, when I make this dish, I am required to make extra chappatis.The plates are licked until they are spotless, such is the impact of this dish. Peerkangai or ridge gourd is a water rich vegetable. A perfect vegetable for the summer. Apart from being high in fibre, it is enriched with all the vital elements that include vitamin-c, zinc, iron and contains traces of other minerals. So this dish is a perfect balance of taste and health.

This dish is adapted from Sharan’s Samayal Arai. But I have made modifications to it so that it suits my cooking style and my family’s spice levels. As it takes hardly any time to make, this is an ideal lunch box recipe.  You can also have it with white rice. Since my first tryst with this dish, it has found a place in my regular lunch menus. Try it once, and realize why we are addicted to it. 
Preparation time: 10 minutes| cooking time: 10 minutes

Pepper Chicken

In this post I am sharing the recipe for Pepper Chicken, a very easy dish that requires very little ingredients. This is one of my favourite dishes which I have recommended to many of my friends. This dish is handy when you are running out of time or ingredients. Pepper adds spice to the dish and is also extremely healthy.
I first made this recipe after watching chef damodaran’s show in tv. The capsicum in the recipe is my own addition and is not present in the original recipe. The capsicum adds crunch factor to the dish. I prefer having this dish with curd, rasam or sambhar rice. Just by mixing the chicken's masala with plain rice, you have a new dish for a lazy day. Try this lip smacking dish and give me your feedback. Preparation time: 10 minutes|Cooking time: 20 minutes
Course: sides|Cuisine: Indian Ingredients: Chicken- 500 gms Onion- 2(finely cut) Tomato-2 (finely cut) Capsicum-1(cut into bite size pieces) Ginger garlic paste- 1 ½ tblsp Green chillies-3(slit) Pepper powder- 1…

Paneer Spaghetti

My daughters are big time fans of pasta, especially spaghetti pasta. There are approximately 350 types of pasta, spaghetti being one of them. Spaghetti is long, thin, solid, cylindrical pasta and closely resembles noodles. Whenever we visit any good Italian restaurant, we make it a point to order spaghetti pasta. Last week, my kids felt like eating pasta for dinner. I just wanted to try something new with the pasta, and that is when I discovered that a unique spaghetti recipe was hidden right behind the pasta packetJ.

This recipe is an indianised version with all the typical Indian masalas. The dish is creamy because of the grated Paneer, which is a key ingredient. My kids like pasta and I love Paneer in any form, so this has become a family favourite now. You can also pack it for your kids lunch break or make it for parties. Try this creamy pasta and tell me how it turned out!
Prep time:  10 minutes| Cooking time: 20 minutes Course: Main| Cuisine: Indo Italian . Ingredients: Spaghett…