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Mutton Kola Urundai

Mutton Kola Urundai!
Kola urundai is one dish that we always have when we visit my mother’s place. We totally enjoy both the curry and fried version. Round and perfectly blended, they are the best starters. My co sister viji akka also makes amazing Kola urundais…so I picked up this recipe from her. For those of you have no idea what this dish is, mutton kola urundai is nothing but minced mutton meat balls, with authentic chettinad spices. All the spices and the minced meat is perfectly blended and yields crispy meat balls. Another fun variation is a curry with this meat ball, which tastes just as tasty! Try this and spice up your special Sunday lunch!  Preparation time- 1o to 15 minutes| Cooking time: 15 to 20 minutesCourse: Sides| Cuisine: IndianIngredients:Minced mutton- ¼ kg Red chilies- 3 to 4 Saunf- 1 tblsp Cinnamon- ¼ inch Ginger- 1inch piece Garlic- 5 to 6 pearls Onion shallots- 10 to 12 Fried gram dal- 50 gms Grated coconut- ½ of a coconut Turmeric powder- ½ tsp Coriander leaves- a hand…

Peanut Ladoo

Peanut Ladoo!
Who doesn’t like peanuts? So crunchy, with an amazing taste. I love peanuts, roasted, boiled or even in variety rice. Simply awesome. What if you add some jaggery to it? Then you have peanut ladoos! I first saw this recipe in Chitu’s page, Chitra’s Foodbook in Instagram. I first followed her page as a fan of her recipes. Now, I can happily say that she is a very good friend of mine 😊 I just love her recipes. The ladoos looked so interesting! So, I gave it a try and totally fell in love with it… This super easy dish is so healthy and hardly takes any time. Also, it has only two ingredients! Perfect for as a last-minute snack or even as a school snack. Get your kids to roll the ladoos and make the dish more fun! Preparation time: 5 minutes| Cooking time: 5 minutesCourse: Snack| Cuisine: IndianIngredients: Peanuts- 1 cup Grated jaggery- 1 cup Method:1.Dry roast the peanuts in a kadai. Roast in medium flame until the outer skin crackles. Switch off the flame and let the pean…

Rava Kesari

Rava Kesari! Whenever we visit Chennai, we visit both my sisters. My eldest sister Manju always makes sure we have some of her special rava kesari as dessert. The kesari tastes amazing and we just cannot get enough of it. As we are all big fans of her kesari, we now call her kesari periyamma (aunt) 😄 Kesari is a very easy dish that takes hardly any time and yet, tastes so good! With very few and common ingredients, this is a go-to dish on any occasion. I have not used any additional coloring, only saffron. The fine texture and rich taste will compel you to go for another serving. Complete any meal with this easy rava kesari! Preparation time: 5 minutes| Cooking time: 10 to 15 minutesCourse: Dessert| Cuisine: IndianIngredients:Rava/sooji- ½ cup Sugar- ¾ cup Water- 1 cup Ghee- ¼ cup+ 3 tblsp Cashews- 10 to 12 (broken) Raisins- 1 tblsp Saffron- 2 to 3 pinches Cardamom powder- ¼ tsp Method:1.Soak the saffron in a tblsp of warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Keep aside. 2.Heat 3 tblsp of ghee in a kada…

Lychee Rabdi

Lychee Rabdi!         How many lychee fans out here? Me and my fam absolutely love these bright red cuties. So soft and juicy, we never miss the opportunity to feast on them. As most of you know, we are great fans of sweets. Creamy milk sweets in particular. So, what happens when you put both these seemingly different foods together? We have the amazing Lychee rabdi! As unique as this sounds, lychee rabdi is truly tasty. De seeded lychees are filled with soft homemade sandesh. These stuffed lychees are dropped in thick and creamy rabdi and…voila! A yummy dish is ready! The best part is that you can taste the fresh lychees in the rabdi, giving you the best of both the worlds. This dish is partly inspired by Bliss Of Cooking. Though she had made the same with mango rabdi, we decided to stick to the good ol’ rabdi. Give this amazing fusion dessert a try and win hearts!
Preparation time: 10 to 15 minutes| Cooking time: 30 to 40 minutes Course: Dessert| Cuisine: Indian
Lychees- …

Bhel Puri

Aaaand the millet series comes to an end! Back to other dishes now. A fresh start with… the all-time favourite Bhel Puri! Earlier, I was not a big fan of chaat dishes. But my kids were completely into pani puri, bhel puri, dahi papdi chaat and all the chaats out there. Slowly, I was influenced by them and, now, I have also become one of the many fans of chaats. This recipe is from Veg Recipes of India. This chaat is the perfect combination of sweet, spice, tangy, crunchy and soft. This is definitely better than the store bought chaats, as we are making the chutneys at home. Each chutney has a unique flavor and can also be used in other chaats and dishes. All the potato, tomatoes, onions, coriander add a fresh twist to the chaat. Extra add ons like sev, masala peanuts and chana dal complete this amazing chaat. Make it any time of the day to add a little spice to your day!
Preparation time: 15 mins| Cooking time: 15 minsCourse: snacks| Cuisine: IndianIngredients:Puffed rice (pori)- 2 cup…

Sweet and Savoury Millet Paniyaram

Millets in may series post 17- Sweet and Savoury Millet Paniyaram Back home, in our village, paniyaram is not just a tiffin item, it is a special dish. This is what my mom makes during Diwali. Whenever I go home, sweet paniyaram will always be waiting to welcome me. So, this dish is very close to heart. Looking back, I am surprised how I never once considered making these cuties at home. I have always waited to go back to my mom’s place to savor them. But not anymore! I made my first batch of paniyarams a yesterday and from now onwards, I can make and enjoy them as and when I like 😍 !
Back to the dish. The recipe was given by my friend Sneha. You would never guess that millets are a part of them until the cook herself/ himself tells you…so, ya, the kids won’t have an idea 😎. Both the versions were loved. In the savoury version, the carrot, coconut and onions added flavor and crunch. You can enjoy these with chutney. As for the sweet version, the jaggery, coconut, ellaichi made it tra…